Introductory - Suitable for students of all skill levels.

Design, Illustration and Pattern Making Workshops.  We're passionate about fashion and patterns and can't wait to share it with you.  Below are some of our workshops and classes on offer. 

Latest news for Introductory Workshops:

WAGGA - Circle Skirt Patterns at Simply Stitches.15-Sep-2018

Introductory Pattern Making at Simply Stitches - Saturday 15th September, 10.00am-12.30pm. This ..

COOLAMON - Trouser Pattern Fittings at the CWA Rooms.02-Sep-2018

Trouser Pattern Fittings and Pattern Alterations in COOLAMON. Get together with some like minded..

WAGGA, Simply Stitches - Pattern Fitting Clinic in SEPTEMBER01-Sep-2018

Join me at SIMPLY STITCHES for all your pattern fittings. Bring any sewing projects for some exp..

SYDNEY - August Classes at BOBBIN & INK.25-Aug-2018

Join me for Fitting Trouser Patterns & Drape Skirt Patterns. After a little time off-the-a..

NEWCASTLE - Stitches & Craft Show, 18/19 AUGUST18-Aug-2018

Morticia Skirt Patterns, Circle Skirt Patterns and Fashion Illustration 18-19 August (http://s..

CANBERRA, Cardiff Collective - Dress Pattern Fittings and Creative Trousers11-Aug-2018

Join me on the weekend of 11th & 12th August at CARDIF COLLECTIVE (

CANBERRA - Morticia Skirt Pattern - Craft and Quilt Fair10-Aug-2018

For all Canberra Creatives in August. I'll be at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Canberra (http://ww..

WAGGA, Simply Stitches - Pattern Fitting Clinic in AUGUST.04-Aug-2018

It looks like these pattern fitting clinics (

COOLAMON - Sharpen your Fashion Skills in JULY.21-Jul-2018

Fashion Design Portfolio & Fashion Illustration. I've scheduled these two wonderful workshop..

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Some detail:

    1. Studio Faro workshops are now being delivered at a number of different venues.  Please refer to your booking confirmation email  for the exact location of your class.  Or contact me direct. :)
    2. Detailed workbooks, all materials and equipment are provided for the scheduled workshops. (Pattern paper, pattern equipment, pens & pencils.) If you have your own favourite pencils or pattern making equipment that you would prefer to use do bring them along.
    3. Please feel free to bring any relevant material for the workshop. This may include your favourite idea/design to be considered as we work through the pattern making process. Be aware there are no sewing facilities provided at the studio as a general rule.
    4. Please wear shoes that cover and protect your feet. It is a workshop environment and we are keen to keep your toes safe. :)

If you're too far away to attend my classes, you can try out these introductory pattern making blog posts:

My Drape Pattern Making Method

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

The origins of my passion for creative pattern making start way back in 1980 when I first went to fashion college.  It was at this time that I was introduced to an amazing pattern making book that just lit up my brain.  Natalie Bray's technical diagrams leapt off the page and made immediate sense to me.  I could hardly contain my excitement at the potential of pattern making.  To this end I believe I was quite the pesky student in our pattern making classes.  The student with 20 questions every session, that drove the pattern making teacher crazy.  You'll find Natalie's books on all the usual book selling sites and the prices vary dramatically, so do your research.Natalie Bray my hero. Keep Reading...

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