Studio Faro Classes in Sydney

Introductory & Intermediate Level 

Suitable for students of all skill levels.

Design, Fashion Illustration and Pattern Making Classes.  I'm passionate about fashion and patterns and can't wait to share it with you.  Below are some of my workshops and classes on offer in the Sydney area.

SYDNEY, Bobbin and Ink - Dress Pattern & Drape Dresses24-Nov-2018

Basic Dress Pattern Making and Drape Dress Patterns, all in the same weekend. There's a new list..

SYDNEY, Bobbin & Ink - Fitting Dress Patterns and Trouser Pattern Making10-Nov-2018

November Pattern Making Workshops at Bobbin & Ink. By student request I'm following on from ..

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Fitting Trouser patterns and Drape Skirt Patterns at Bobbin and Ink in Sydney in August, 2018.Get some expert guidance as you understand many different drafting techniques.Come and learn some new pattern making techniques in this fabulous creative space at Bobbin and Ink.
Examples of the many styles of dart transfer and pricess line panels that you'll do in one days training.Understanding dress patterns and the grading between sizes.Calico toiles are essential to get your dress fitting right.Use my fitted dress block to create your own fabulous dress designs.Fitting Commercial Patterns for TROUSERS.
Happy, happy pattern making students. ;)Join the group and experience the comfort of well fitted trousers.

Some detail:

    1. Studio Faro workshops are now being delivered at a number of different venues.  Please refer to your booking confirmation email  for the exact location of your class.  Or contact me direct. :)
    2. Detailed workbooks, all materials and equipment are provided for the scheduled workshops. (Pattern paper, pattern equipment, pens & pencils.) If you have your own favourite pencils or pattern making equipment that you would prefer to use do bring them along.
    3. Please feel free to bring any relevant material for the workshop. This may include your favourite idea/design to be considered as we work through the pattern making process.
    4. Please wear shoes that cover and protect your feet. It is a workshop environment and we are keen to keep your toes safe. :)

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