COOLAMON - A Special Deal for this Fashion Design Introductory


Four Fabulous Days in the Spring School Holidays

Starting on Monday 30th September, I'll be running four days of fashion design introductory training in Coolamon, NSW.  This is a regular set of workshops that I run to introduce aspiring fashion designers to the fashion industry.  For the first time ever I've combined all four workshops as one booking that attracts a 15% discount on the usual single day workshop fee.

Fashion Design Introductory

Fashion Design Introductory - 4 Days - 30 Sept - 3 October - 10.00-4.00 - 15% discount!

If you fancy only one or two of these workshops, you can get the class details and booking info here:

  Fashion Design Portfolio - CWA Rooms, COOLAMON - 30 September - 10.00-4.00pm

Fashion Illustration - CWA Rooms, COOLAMON - 1 October - 10.00-4.00pm

Corset Patterns - CWA Rooms, COOLAMON - 2 October - 10.00-2.00pm

Skirt Pattern Making - CWA Rooms, COOLAMON - 3 October - 10.00-2.00pm


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