CANBERRA - Morticia Skirt Pattern - Craft and Quilt Fair


For all Canberra Creatives in August.

I'll be at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Canberra, on the morning of Friday the 10th August, to showcase my very first Morticia Skirt Pattern workshop.  I suggest you book early as this is a small group and it happens only once during the fair.

I bring all the pattern making paper, detailed worksheet and specialist rulers and all you have to bring are some basics - Sharp pencil, tape measure, eraser, glue stick, pattern rulers if you have them, and paper scissors. Please wear closed in shoes.  By the end of the session you'll have a Morticia Skirt pattern that fits you personally, all ready to cut out and sew.

Morticia Skirt Patterns

Morticia Skirt Patterns - Friday 10th August, 2018 - 10.15am-12.30pm

If you'd like an idea of what you're getting into have a look at the original pattern puzzle post for this great design.


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