COOLAMON - Drape Pattern Making all Weekend.


Drape Skirt Patterns & Drape Dress Patterns in Two Days - 22-23 September, 2018

Join me for a weekend full of creative pattern making, set in the rural beauty of Coolamon, NSW.  Starting on Saturday morning with Drape Skirt Patterns, you'll be using my skirt block and creative dart transfer techniques to make beautiful drape skirt patterns.  And on the Sunday we'll be starting with my fitted dress block to make some amazing drape dress patterns.  As always they'll be small groups so everyone will get a load of teacher attention and it's absolutely ok to develop your own drape design styles.

Drape Pattern Making In Coolamon

Drape Skirt Patterns - Saturday 22 September, 2018

Drape Dress Patterns  - Sunday 23 September, 2018

If you're not able to get to Coolamon, click through to the website to checkout all the other locations for creative pattern making workshops.  If you'd like a better idea of the kind of patterns you can cut in these workshops then checkout these drape pattern posts from my blog, well-suited.


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