COOLAMON - Sewing Classes, every month.


Sewing Classes - suitable for students of all levels.

I'm so fortunate to have access to our local CWA Rooms to hold these sewing classes.  Every month I'll be teaching students new sewing techniques according to need.  So if you're a complete beginner and would like to know how to use your sewing machine, please join us.  And if your sewing skills are well advanced I'm happy to show you whatever skill you feel you need to complete your sewing projects.  My next class is Sunday 5th May, and you can make your bookings online here: Sewing Classes - CWA Rooms, COOLAMON.

Sewing Lessons

Sewing Classes - CWA Rooms, COOLAMON - Sunday 5th May, 2019.  9.30am - 12.30pm


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