Illustration and PatternMaking Workshops at the Stitches and Craft Show Sydney


Fashion Illustration and Drafting the Perfect 'A' Line Skirt

Booking are now open for my workshops at the Stitches and Craft Show in Sydney on Sunday 11 March, 2018.  You'll find all the detail here on the Stitches and Craft site.

Stitches and Craft, Sydney 2018

My day will start with a brand new workshop for Sydney, The Perfect 'A' Line Skirt Pattern.  All students will receive a copy of my basic skirt block in six sizes (either 6-16 or 12-22) and work their way through drafting a well balanced 'A' Line Skirt Pattern.  And in the afternoon I'll be running the ever-popular Fashion Illustration workshop using an exciting and up-to-date Illustration task and top shelf graphic art materials.

Don't take to long to make up your mind as I'm there for one day only and my workshops in Melbourne in November sold out really quickly.

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