Pattern Fittings at the CWA Rooms in Coolamon


New Classes for the Riverina

With my recent move to the country I joined one of the most long-lived and well-known womens group, the CWA (Country Womens Association), Coolamon Branch.  And it seems I've found myself in good company with generous kind-hearted women who constantly give to the local and national community through their own efforts and the collective efforts of this well-known organisation.

Well-managed finances and a generous spirit allow them to give every year to the local community and schools and I only hope that I'll be able to make some kind of contribution.  In addition to their generosity they have a delightful set of rooms in the Coolamon high street that they rent to the local community for family events and the use of small local businesses.

In an effort to make my classes more accessible to the sewers of the Riverina area I'm planning on running some pattern fitting classes, using the CWA Rooms, where I can accomodate more students and bring down the class fee.  So starting on Sunday the 4th of February, with Dress Pattern Fittings, students will be bringing their favourite dress samples for personalised fittings and the pattern alterations required to ensure all future dress patterns fit well.

Looking forward to the rest of the year I plan on holding a Trouser Pattern Fitting class in May, a Shirt Pattern Fitting class in July and a Skirt Pattern Fitting class in October.  So fingers crossed they'll be received well and I'll be able to continue running them into the future.


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