Sewing & Fitting Clinics at Simply Stitches in Wagga - 2018 dates.


Sewing & Fitting Clinics @ Simply Stitches in Wagga

 It's been a great start for these new classes. Wednesday's (06.12.17) Sewing & Fitting Clinic at Simply Stitches was the last for this year.  It's a new set of classes for me and I was so happy to have such an excellent working space at Simply Stitches for all the creativity that followed.  New dates have been added to the website so click through for booking to make sure you're in the class next year.  And to top it all off we are surrounded by the most amazing print cotton fabrics you'd ever imagine. These are my pick of the day.  Print combo's that I plan to use in a totally new sewing workshop next year.  Stay connected to my website or social media if you love vintage style and mixing your prints and patterns.

Alex was so pleased at her first-ever sewing experience.  She's drafted a stunning 'New Look' soft pleated skirt that she's cut in a vivid floral print.  Yesterday was her first time at cutting fabric and she was both terrified and excited.  I'm looking forward to seeing the final creation and will post photos as soon as they are available.

Her grandmother Anita, the force behind Alex's recent interest in sewing, was working on her trouser block and getting even closer to that ideal trouser as we look toward to the second toile fitting.

And Ailsa has been working on at least three pattern fittings in the last two sessions at Simply Stitches.  Yesterday she was perfecting her trouser toile and learning exactly what is needed to change every commercial trouser pattern to suit her individual fit.  Once you've gone through the pattern alteration process you being to see a similarity in the pattern changes and that'll give you the confidence to make these changes at home.

Fitting Trouser Patterns
When it comes to fittings it seems that trouser are the real challenge for most sewers.  And they are complex, so if you're in the Riverina area bring your fitting challenges to this class. :)


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