SYDNEY, ASG Industry Day Presentations


Dress and Trouser Pattern Fittings at the ASG Industry Day.

A couple of times a year sewing enthusiasts from the Australian Sewing Guild get together for a full day of training, presentations and very special deals.  The next industry day coming up is in September (7th) in Sydney.  To start the day there's a Presentation by Cavalcade of History & Fashion - 'The Art of the cut: 1930's Evening gowns'.  Followed by morning and afternoon sessions of 4 workshops each.  On offer are Lingerie, pattern fittings and Slow Sewing.  And to top off this fabulous day Simplicity are offering sizzling sales on patterns as well as some books and sewing tools.  This very special day of open to all creatives.  You don't need to be a member of the ASG to attend this Industry Day, so skip over to the ASG website for details and bookings.

Dress and Trouser Patterns


Saturday, 7 September 2019
10.00 am to 3.30 pm

Kingsgrove RSL Club Ltd 
8 Brocklehurst Lane
Kingsgrove, NSW


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