SYDNEY, Bobbin & Ink - Follow-on Trouser Patterns


The Next Stage in the Trouser Pattern Making Series.

For all of those that have done my Trouser Pattern Fitting workshop, the weekend of 16/17 March is the logical follow-on to learn how to make trouser patterns and develop creative trouser design detail.  On Saturday we'll be covering all the basic pattern making detail to cut classic trouser designs.  On the Sunday we'll be focusing on the more creative aspect of trouser pattern making with dart manipulation, articulated knees, twisted seams and tailored features.  Click through to the booking page to grab yourself a place in these fabulous workshops.

Trouser Pattern Making

Trouser Pattern Making at BOBBIN & INK - Saturday 16th MAR
Creative Trouser Patterns at BOBBIN & INK - Sunday 17th MAR


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