My Blocks - PDF (downloads)

All my commercial garment pattern making blocks to use with well-suited pattern puzzles and my pattern making worksheets. They are industry verified garment blocks for you to make your own sewing patterns.

FOR HOME AND PERSONAL USE ONLY. Contact me if you'd like to use them as commercial or educational resources.

Skirt Block Sizes 6-16 A0 (download)

The Studio Faro Skirt Block is the first block you'll ever use in your pattern making training.  It has an equal fit and balance between the front and the back skirt with a small dart in the front and a bigger dart in the back to shape around the seat.  Checkout my Worksheets for pattern making instructions for skirts.

Available here as a PDF download to be printed as A0 at your local print shop. 

THIS PRODUCT IS FOR PERSONAL AND HOME USE ONLY.  For education and commercial use please email me direct.

Skirt Block features:

This skirt block, is supplied without seam allowances for first pattern developments.  It's graded to Sizes 6-16 and Sizes 12-22 and includes garment ease.

It's home and industry ready and based on my size chart.  The block fitting is well suited to a tailored pencil skirt without much alteration.  When you check the measurements on the size you have selected you're looking for your body measurements plus garment ease.

Where do I start:

The first order of business is to select your closest size and begin the process of fitting this block to your own measurements.  The range of sizes on offer relates to my size chart.  Cut your closest size in calico and make any necessary adjustments for personal fit.  Once you have achieved a good personal fit you will be ready to cut your first patterns.

Remember I'm just an email away for any questions about our PDF downloadable blocks.  If you enjoy pattern making and fancy a challenge, have a look at the great pattern making posts on our blog, well-suited.


Skirt Block Sizes 6-16 A0 (download)


Draft the Perfect A Line Skirt Pattern (download)

The instructions in this worksheet are for turning my Womens Skirt Block into a Classic 'A' Line Skirt.  The worksheet is 10 pages of diagrams and detailed instructions that leads you step-by-step through the pattern making process.  They include an especially important move that makes sure your first sample is so close to perfect, you'll be delighted.  Also included in the worksheet are the instructions for an additional 'A' Line Skirt design.

The Womens Skirt Block comes is two sets of sizes: Sizes 6-16 and Sizes 12-22.  To decide the best size set for your pattern making, you can use my Size Chart to check against your own measurements.  As for all new pattern making work, your block will have to be tested for fit and balance before you begin any pattern making.  

You'll need some pattern making paper and the usual pattern making equipment to complete this task. 

Now that you have a copy of my skirt block here is a list of the Pattern Puzzle posts that have used my Womens Skirt Block:

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This document is for HOME AND PERSONAL USE ONLY.  If you'd like to use this worksheet for commercial or educational purposes, then you do need to contact me for permission and costs. 

Enjoy. :)

Draft the Perfect A Line Skirt Pattern (download)

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