My Blocks - PDF (downloads)

All my commercial garment pattern making blocks to use with well-suited pattern puzzles and my pattern making worksheets. They are industry verified garment blocks for you to make your own sewing patterns.

For home and personal use only. Contact me if you'd like to use them as commercial or educational resources.

Womens Fitted Block Sizes 6-16 A0 (download)

The womens fitted block is the basis of so many items of clothing in our wardrobe, it's breathtaking.  From your shirts to your dresses, including lingerie and jackets, none would exist without this block as a starting point.  It's the very foundation of a woman's wardrobe.

Available here as a PDF download to be printed as A0 at your local copy shop. 

I'm currently putting together files for a 36" plotter print and will announce their arrival through the newsletter.  Larger sizes are also being tested so I can reliably extend the size range to size 22.  Make sure you are subscribed to receive our newsletter to be the first to hear.

This product is for personal and home use only.  For education and commercial use please email me direct.

Fitted Block features:

My Women's Fitted Block is home and industry ready and based on my size chart.  The block fitting is extended past the waist to the hip line to allow for the development of both shirt and dress blocks.  The fit of this block is more tailored than casual.  You'll notice the side seam is pushed toward the back and this is the ideal location for the development of more tailored garments, corsets and jacket patterns.  For commercial/industry use, in light clothing (shirts/dresses), the block is equalised;  bringing that side seam and shoulder seam toward the front.   It's also the very block used in so many of my Pattern Puzzles, featured on the blog 'well-suited'

Where do I start:

The first order of business is to select your closest size and begin the process of fitting this block to your own measurements.  The range of sizes on offer relates to my size chart.  Cut your closest size in calico and make any necessary adjustments for personal fit.  I'll be producing some videos and tutorials that will help out in this process.  Once you have achieved a good personal fit you will be ready to cut your first patterns.

Remember I'm just an email away for any questions about our PDF downloadable blocks.  If you enjoy pattern making and fancy a challenge, have a look at the great pattern making posts on our blog, well-suited.


Womens Fitted Block Sizes 6-16 A0 (download)


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