Pattern Making Worksheets (Downloads)

Trouser Block Fitting Tutorial Worksheet (Download)

If you have ever fancied a well fitted pair of trousers, this may well be the best place to begin.  Start by downloading my Trouser Block to begin your trouser fitting journey.

Starting with accurate body measurements you'll use these notes to adjust the basic trouser block to suit your personal fitting needs.  Pattern adjustments for all the crucial measurements include technical diagrams and detailed instructions.

You'll need pattern making paper, some calico for toileing and the usual pattern making equipment (pencil, eraser, drafting square/ruler, tape measure, tracing wheel, scissors, glue stick, metre rule and trouser curve). 

For more detail you can checkout the blog post here: Trouser Block - Fitting Toile

This document is for home and personal use only.  If you'd like to use this worksheet to teach your own students please contact me for more detail.

Enjoy. :)

Trouser Block Fitting Tutorial Worksheet (Download)


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