Pattern Making Worksheets (Downloads)

Vintage Style Pattern Making (download)

This vintage-inspired worksheet introduces you to Gil Brandao, a pattern maker and teacher of exceptional skill. This Vintage Pattern Making Worksheet  expands on his ideas and is well detailed including a size guide (sizes 6-22) so you're able to self-draft to your own size.  There are 15 step-by-step pages of content including sketches, diagrams, photos and garment making tips to help you have the best success in making your pattern.  The PDF is designed to be viewed on an iPad and has only one pattern making instruction on each page. 

You'll need some pattern making paper and the usual pattern making equipment.  These instructions are for the vintage bodice only but the addition of a circle skirt will quickly turn this bodice into a vintage dress.  To get an idea of what you're getting involved in you can checkout the blog post here: Gil Brando - Conjunto Pratico

If you find yourself in Sydney, Australia you can always join me for Vintage Pattern Making- 'In An Afternoon!' at my studio.

Please remember this document is for home and personal use only.  If you'd like to use this worksheet to teach your own students or as part of your business please contact me for more detail.

Enjoy. :)

PS  If you fancy more Vintage Style pattern making ideas you'll find my curated well-suited blog post here:  Vintage Inspired Round-Up

Vintage Style Pattern Making (download)


Skirt Draft and Pencil Skirt Pattern 2nd Ed (download)

You start with a single, easy to follow skirt draft and end up with a new classic garment for your wardrobe.  Detailed instructions and great technical sketches are provided every step of the way.  

This eleven page set of 'how-to' instructions is the equivalent to the first two weeks in pattern making training at college and more.  This 2nd Edition of the worksheet has expanded the instructions to include the detail required for different darting for your waist fit and adding a lining pattern to your pencil skirt.

You'll start with the basic skirt draft and then you can follow the instructions to make a classic pencil skirt pattern.  Included are instructions for fitting, waistband and zip guard, seam allowance guides and a dedicated glossary.

Remember I'm just an email away if you have any questions about my pattern making worksheets.  THIS PRODUCT IS FOR PERSONAL AND HOME USE ONLY.  For education and commercial use please email me direct.

If you enjoy the draft and fancy a challenge have a look at the great pattern making posts on our blog, well-suited.  

In particular a couple of dedicated blog posts for your new skirt block: 

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Skirt Draft and Pencil Skirt Pattern 2nd Ed (download)

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