Scholarship for Excellence in Pattern Making  2006-2015

Throughout my career I have enjoyed many diverse experiences within the fashion industry in both the UK and Australia. Without exception, I have been amazed at how certain sectors of the industry fail to value their technical staff, in particular pattern makers. We all know that without good technical skills the most beautiful creations are nothing but scribbles on a page.

For a decade Studio Faro has offered graduating TAFE students a scholarship award for ‘Excellence in Pattern Making’ to support and promote the value of pattern making.  The objective was to give entry-level pattern making juniors the chance to upgrade their skills during their first year of employment.

The Heads of Department of a number of TAFE institutions in Sydney, that specialize in training pattern makers, were enthusiastic about the idea of supporting the on-going skill development of their graduates at the beginning of their careers.  The Studio Faro Scholarship for Excellence in Pattern Making was awarded to Diploma students at the end of the academic year each year at selected TAFE's. 

In 2016 the scholarship reached it's natural conclusion and I'd like to thank all the dedicated lecturers and institutions that have been involved with this initiative.  And I'd like to wish them all the best with the vast changes they are dealing with in the TAFE system.

Late 2016 I was invited, by the Consumer Federation of Australia, to be their representative on the Standards Australia, Mirror Committee (CS-092) Sizing Systems for Clothing.  Such an amazing opportunity and the best possible use of my 'give-back' energy.  It's also my first encounter with large scale committee business and for the last six months I've been on a rather sharp learning curve and loving it.  If you have any interest in this subject the Standards Australia website has facility for public commenting on all standards committees.

Scholarship Winners

2015 Jessica Crech – Mac Fields
Marina Dako – Mac Fields
Afsaneh Ghasemian – Mac Fields
2014 Anita Simundza - Mac Fields
Stephanie Meilak - Mac Fields
Krystal Elford – Mac Fields
Hoa Nguyen - Mac Fields
2011 Belinda Howell - Mac Fields
2010 Peta Davies – Mac Fields
Imogene Archee - Ultimo
2009 Karina Hutton – Mac Fields
Lynsey Mackay – Mac Fields
Sheila Mann – Ultimo
2008 Hye Jin Kim – Ultimo
2007 Beth Clarke – Mac Fields
Chelsea McBey – Ultimo
2006 Tham Phan – Mac Fields
Worawan Waipia – Ultimo

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