Change is in the Air

I'm moving out of Sydney to live in rural New South Wales to take in the fresh air and the quiet.  My pattern making workshops will now run in a number of cities as I travel more and teaching become the bigger part of my life.  As I find new venues to deliver my training I'll report here so you can follow.  If you'd like to start the ball rolling and get some workshops running in your area, drop me a line and we'll se what we can cobble together. :)

Stitches and Craft Show MELBOURNE25-Nov-2017

The fabulous team at the Stitches and Craft Show have invited me to present some pattern and ill..

Sewing and Fitting Clinics at Simply Stitches in WAGGA WAGGA20-Nov-2017

Three sessions before the festive season is enough time for all #WaggaSewers to get together and..

Drape Pattern Making in COOLAMON16-Nov-2017

All Four Drape Pattern Making Classes in November Spend a few days in the country and conquer da..

Trouser Fittings in SYDNEY05-Nov-2017

Learn to Fit your Trouser Pattern @BOBBIN & INK Following on directly from he Dress Patterns..

Dress Pattern Making in SYDNEY04-Nov-2017

Dress Patterns @ BOBBIN & INK Just announced! My Basic Pattern Making for DRESSES (https:/..

Trousers & Knit Patterns in COOLAMON14-Oct-2017

Grab some time in the country and join me for two days of pattern making. Come and enjoy a full ..

New Dates for COOLAMON Classes23-Sep-2017

Travel & Create! Design & Pattern Making Workshops are now grouped together to give yo..

COOLAMON Classes in September02-Sep-2017

Just Scheduled! My first Fashion Design and Pattern Making Classes for Coolamon and the River..

NEWCASTLE Stitches & Craft Show Classes20-Aug-2017

Fashion Illustration and Jersey Twist Patterns at Stitches & Craft Newcastle. It's just been..

Trouser Pattern Fittings in SYDNEY19-Aug-2017

Fitting Commercial Patterns for TROUSERS at BOBBIN & INK SAT 19 August Now that I'm based o..

Studio Faro is moving...15-Jun-2017

From city to country in one fell swoop! ( I'v..

All your pattern making basics over two weekends in COOLAMON, NSW.The Riverina, New South Wales, Australia
Fitting Commercial Patterns for TROUSERS at Bobbin & Ink.Sparkles and trnkets from the Sydney Stitches and Craft Show..Jersey Twist Patterns at Bobbin and Ink In Sydney in October 2017.Learn ot locate your bust point and move the dart to suit your personal fitting.  Oct 2017
Stitches and Craft Show, Newcastle on the 20th August.Fashion Design Basics in the School holidays in September 2017.

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