My Blocks - PDF (downloads)

Graded sets of women's garment blocks as PDF downloads for:


Listed below are my basic pattern making blocks as PDF downloads. They are all (Dress, Knit, Skirt, Trousers and Corset) available in sizes 6-16. At this stage they are available as A4/letter print and A0 print and in the coming months they will be made available as 36" plotter print. In the next phase of development I'll have them graded to size 22 and will release the larger sizes when testing has proved them to be accurate.

  • These blocks have been tested in the commercial sector across multiple product areas.
  • They are finessed on fit & balance & are supplied without styling detail or seam allowances.
  • THEY ARE FOR HOME AND PERSONAL USE ONLY. Contact me direct to discuss permission to use these resources in education or commercial environments.
NB the effective use of basic blocks depends on some knowledge of pattern making & styling.

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