Pattern Making Worksheets (Downloads)

Catwalk Fashion Illustration Colouring Book (Download)

This worksheet is 7 pages (14 outfits) of fashion illustration sketches inspired by recent catwalk fashions.  The idea is to inspire your fashion illustration efforts with templates ready to colour in and make your own. When I use these in my Fashion Illustration Workshop I have many colours in marker pens and pastel pencils for the students to use with my own particular illustration technique.  You'll find five separate fashion illustration videos on Youtube demonstrating my method.

You'll need some colouring materials of your choice and the right paper to print these illustrations, according to the materials you prefer.  There are instructions on the cover of the worksheet to assist you when you first print these illustrations.

If you find yourself in Australia you can always join me for Fashion Illustration - Introductory at my studio in Coolamon.

Please remember this document is FOR HOME AND PERSONAL USE ONLY.  If you'd like to use this worksheet to teach your own students or as part of your business it's important that you contact me for more detail.

Enjoy :)

Catwalk Fashion Illustration Colouring Book (Download)


Fashion Illustration Worksheet 2ndEd (Download)

This 2nd edition of the Fashion Illustration Worksheet has been much expanded.  Now you have 12 fabulous pages of content including sketches, diagrams and instructions to help you achieve the greatest impact in your illustrations with a minimal amount of effort.

MATERIALS - a list of the art materials I use in the classroom when teaching fashion illustration.
METHOD - a method that gets you quickly to a final product that suits your portfolio or assessment.
TECHNIQUE - an uncomplicated technique, accessible to students of all skill levels.
COLOUR THEORY - using the colour wheel and colour theory to make your illustration pop!
EXAMPLES - four pages of in-class demonstration examples that illustrate all of the above.
COLOURING SHEET - to try your hand at new materials quickly and easily.
TEMPLATES - 3 x fashion figure templates with back views.
MATERIALS & SUPPLIERS - A full listing of the specialist materials used plus social media links.

A full set of illustration videos are available on my youtube channel, that follow the step-by-step method outlined in the worksheet.  I also have a pinterest album full of fashion illustration examples to inspire!

If you find yourself in Australia you can come to Sydney and join me for a full day of Fashion Illustration at my studio.  THIS PRODUCT IS FOR PERSONAL AND HOME USE ONLY.  For education and commercial use please email me direct.


Fashion Illustration Worksheet 2ndEd (Download)

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