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All introductory workshops at Studio Faro suitable for new & returning textile technology teachers. 

  • The industry-based workshops will give teachers an insight into the fashion industry that they can take back into the classroom.
  • Small teaching groups (4-6) allows time to draw parallels between classroom needs and commercial practice.
  • I'm familiar with the syllabus for textiles & design technology and scaffold the information and exercises to build a strong body of knowledge.
  •  Every workshop has excellent teaching resources that can transfer directly to your classroom.

Teacher Workshops in detail:

Fashion Design Portfolio (1 day) - view more information

Making the connection between the industry design development process and requirements of the state syllabus:

  • With a broad understanding of the design development process teachers will be able to advise senior students on the content of their MTP and design portfolio.
  • The initial stages of research, creative focus and materials are combined to produce unique and interesting design content for assessment and portfolios.
  • With a focus on the assessment requirements for textile projects, the methods, and materials are designed to fit into classroom methodology.

Fashion Illustration (1 day) - view more information

Gain confidence in understanding and rendering Fashion Illustrations using the simplest methods & materials:

  • Teachers will leave the workshop with at least two completed presentations with full Fashion Illustrations and Production Sketches for immediate use in the classroom.
  • Rendering techniques demonstrated & practiced in the workshop suit the resources & time available to schools and secondary students, without exceptional expenditure.
  • With a focus on the assessment requirements for textile projects, the methods, templates and final presentations will fit immediately into classroom teaching materials.

Fitting Commercial Patterns (1 day) - view more information

A must attend workshop for new teachers dealing with Commercial Patterns in the classroom:

  • Commercial patterns are the first level of access that new teachers have for the making of garments.
  • This workshop will increase your understanding of garment patterns and provide a simple and effective way to alter commercial patterns to give your students the most successful outcome.
  • Workbooks, demonstrations & student exercises provide a clear picture of how the body changes between sizes, locating specific areas for alteration on commercial produced patterns.

Basic Pattern Making for SKIRTS, TROUSERS, KNITS & DRESSES (1 day each)- view more information

Develop the skills & materials required to produce original patterns for skirts, trousers & dresses:

  • Covers basic pattern making techniques for the three most important garment types – skirts, trousers & dresses (shirts).
  • All demonstrations & exercises use industry verified blocks as a confident starting point for new fashion patterns.
  • Demonstrations, discussions & technical data cover both industry standards and school based requirements for patterns and garment construction.

Corset Patterns (1 day) - view more information

Corset Patterns ready for your student projects:

  • As one of the most popular garment types for secondary school textile students, this workshop will equip teachers with the confidence, resources & understanding to make beautiful corsets.
  • Additional corset style developments are included in the workbook for future projects.
  • The recommended construction for corsets is the most trouble free technique and suited to classroom resources & all skill levels.

Macquarie Fields staff stay connected to industry and enjoy some Studio Faro Professional Development for Garment Specifications.
Learn my industry techniques for making Corset Patterns.
Corset Patterns Woorksheet and set of Blocks Sizes 6-16.

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