Size Chart

 Body Measurements

Use this size chart to work our your closest size for blocks and patterns to begin your creative project. :)

Taking Measurements


A measurement taken around the widest part of the upper body with the tape measure parallel to the floor.  Hold the tape measure comfortably secure and not tight.


This measurement is taken at the smallest part of the torso, between the bust and hip.  To find the waist run your hands down the side of the body, between the bust and hip until you reach your comfortable waist location.   Hold the tape measure comfortably secure and not tight.


The hip is the largest part of the lower torso, in line with the peak of the backside.  This measurement is sometimes referred to as the low hip.  Place the tape measure around your seat, parallel to the floor and check in the mirror with a side-ways view to make sure the tape is sitting at the peak of the back side.   Hold the tape measure comfortably secure and not tight.

Here we have covered the three basic measurements you need to select the right size block or pattern for your download.  All products are nested in a set of sizes to give you the greatest flexibility in sizing and fabric choice.  For example if you fit into the size 12 measurements on our size chart and buy the set of patterns around the size 12 you then have the opportunity to use the size 10  if you decide to cut your trousers in a stretchy fabric.  Or use the size 14 to achieve that slouchy boyfriend trouser fit.  Not exact science but nonetheless effective.

The size chart featured here for Sizes 6-16 is my start point.  I will be working into larger sizes but need to test the grade rules I have developed to see if they yield usable patterns.  I'll keep you posted on all developments. :) 

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