School Incursions

Studio Faro offers in-house training for your secondary textile, design and art students.

Fashion Illustration & Production Sketching - full day.

Fashion Design Portfolio - full day.

Pattern Fittings for Dresses - full day.

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Or email Studio Faro to book your most convenient date.

 INCURSION details: 

  • Delivered on school premises for the scheduled school day.
  • Recommended for 25 students at a total cost of $1,000 (excl. GST)  That's an average of $40 per student (excl GST).
  • All specialist materials and equipment provided by Studio Faro.
  •  One member of staff in attendance is required for student supervision.
  • The supervising teacher will receive a workbook of teaching resources with all the days training and templates for their use in class. 
  • Hours are the regular full day school session.
  •  Bookings are confirmed on receipt of full payment.
  •  Email so we can arrange the most convenient date for your school.

Fashion Illustration & Production Sketching Incursion

The focus of this one-day incursion is to equip students with the appropriate skills to produce effective fashion illustrations in a reasonable amount of time and with a minimum of resources.   Students will achieve industry level production sketches by morning tea.  And by the end of the day they will have the training and the confidence to produce full-scale fashion illustration.  The supervising teacher will be left with a package of handouts relevant to the days training. All art-based materials are supplied by studio faro - including black mount card and an A3 portfolio sleeve for final work.  Basic drawing materials provided by school or student (listed with booking confirmation).  More detail here...

Fashion Design Development

Fashion Design Portfolio Incursion

The Fashion Design Portfolio workshop focuses on the process involved in the forecasting trends, the development of design ideas and ultimately the technical drawings required to make fashion product.  This is a 1 day workshop with a small amount of preparation, that's suitable for students of all skill levels.  By the end of the day all students will have produced two (portfolio ready) Trend and Style Boards incorporating trend forecast and their own design work.  The supervising teacher will be left with a package of handouts relevant to the days training. All art-based materials are supplied by studio faro - including black mount card and an A3 portfolio sleeve for final work.  Basic drawing materials provided by school or student will be listed with your booking confirmation.  More detail here...

Pattern Fittings for Dresses

The Pattern Fitting & Pattern Alterations class is designed to introduce you to some of the most important fitting alterations for womens dress patterns.  It's a four hour workshop and is suitable for beginners. Some sewing experience is required to aid your understanding of the pattern alterations.  The sleeveless shift dress included in the training is graded sizes 4-22 and provided to the every student as an A0 print document for use during the session.  More detail here...

Half-day Excursions  (In Coolamon, NSW 2701):

Excursions to the studio are conducted in the local CWA Rooms, 124 Cowabbie Street, Coolamon.  The rooms are located in the centre of Coolamon with access to local cafes and a delightful central park for your students to have their lunch break.   Email me direct for availability.

Fashion Illustration

The focus of this 3 hour excursion is to equip students with the appropriate skills to produce effective fashion illustrations in a reasonable amount of time and with a minimum of resources.   By the end of the session they'll have completed a full-scale fashion illustration and gained skills to present their work.  Every student will leave the studio with a completed fashion illustration presentation on A3 black card in an A3 portfolio sleeve.  The supervising teacher will receive a workbook of resources with all the days training and templates for use in class.  All materials and equipment supplied by Studio Faro.  Students need only bring their favourite fashion images/photos (4-6) to illustrate.

Fashion Design Portfolio

Students will learn research and recording techniques for fashion ideas to use in their visual diaries & design development.  Students are introduced to information sources on the latest trends used by the fashion industry. Throughout the session the student group will develop a style of fashion language/rhetoric to develop their design and technical choices in assessment.

EXCURSION details:
  • delivered at the CWA Rooms in Coolamon. 
  • suitable for student groups of 15-30 students @ $500.00 for the group (excl. GST). 
  • all materials and equipment provided by Studio Faro. 
  • one member of staff in attendance for student supervision. duration 3 hours.                          
  • bookings are confirmed on receipt of full payment. 
  • please email for availability.

Their work. :)

The students! :)

Demonstration of illustration techniques in class.
Students building Trend Boards for Design Development.
Students work to their own individual level and learn new skills.
Design development followed by fashion illustration.
Task oriented class materials included in every session.
Students receive individual attention for their particular project needs.
Fashion Design Portfolio at Billabong High, Culcairn, NSW.
Half-day fashion illustration excursion to the Studio Faro workroom.
The light filled premises of the CWA Rooms in Coolamon.
Tech mandatory students visting me in Coolamon for a half-day excursion.
All students leave with a completed illustration presention.
All students achieve quality illustration work in just a few hours.
The sleeveless shift dress incursion. Students learning to select the correct size pattern for individual use.
Pattern alterations for the studio faro shift dress.
Learning to shift the bust dart on the sleeveless shift dress.

Albury High School Incursion, 2016.All illustrations are accompanied with production sketches of front and back views.Specialist art materials and papers included in the incursion fee.All students complete the illustration presentation by the end of the school day.A combination of Fashion Design and Illustration work from Billabong students after two days of related incursions.
Fabric prints and texture techniques are included in all teacher demonstrations.Production sketching is always included in the fashion illustration training.Fashion templates for both women's and men's fashion available.All templates and handouts are included in a teachers workbook, and left with the teacher at every school.Student illustration work using Studio Faro templates and specialist art materials.

Your comments:

Anita - Studio Faro commented on 18-Dec-2017 01:07 PM
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave a comment here. :)
Michelle Cooke commented on 17-Apr-2018 01:38 PM

I wonder if you have any trips to the Tweed Heads /Nthn NSW area planned this year?
Anita - Stdio Faro commented on 20-Apr-2018 09:26 AM
Hi Michelle, thanks for dropping by. I'd love to organise a trip to your area. All I need is enough schools interested to put together at least three days of incursions or teacher training. If you know of other teachers and schools in the area that are interested then we could get together and work something out. My email
Elna van der Walt commented on 10-Jul-2019 05:37 PM
Dear Anita
Do you have a contact in South Africa or will you ever visit South Africa. Will you be interested in a training facililty here. If you train teachers how many would you like to have in a training session?
Elna van der Walt
South Africa
Anita - Studiofaro commented on 12-Jul-2019 09:46 AM
Hi Elna, thanks for getting in touch. I don't have any contacts in South Africa but I would be interested to travel for workshops. What do you have in mind? You can send more detail direct to my email address: Speak soon, Anita.
Jacki commented on 02-Oct-2020 08:30 PM
Hi Anita,
We are a new school in Sydney and only have 4 students currently for HSC Textiles this coming 2020/21 year. I am interested in a workshop for them, however, there is only 4! Are there other options?
Anita - Studiofaro commented on 05-Oct-2020 05:34 PM
Hi Jacki, thanks for dropping by. I'm not located in Sydney anymore, but about half and hour out of Wagga, in Coolamon. For four students it would be difficult to arrange any face to face training, however I will be building some online teaching materials next year. And if your students are willing to travel I will be running some basic fashion design, Illustration and pattern making classes in the April school holidays in 2021. Do you think Coolamon is too far for them to travel for a few days training? Anita
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