Jersey Twist Patterns – First Sample

Jersey Twist Patterns – First Sample

I simply can’t believe that I’ve never shared my sample makes for this amazing top. I suppose I was so busy turning it into a workshop that missed the obvious.  So you may remember the original post from January 2015 – Pattern Insights – Jersey Twist Patterns.  I used my Women’s Knit Block to demonstrate the simplest way to achieve jersey twist patterns.  The same method makes both single and double twist patterns.  This is not the only method for making jersey twist patterns and you’ll find other examples on my ‘well-suited’ blog.
The diagram below is an example of how your pattern should look once you have made the appropriate pattern modifications for jersey twists.  You’ll also have a back and sleeve pattern that you can checkout in the original post.
If you’d like more detail about the pattern making and construction of the jersey twist you can download my  Jersey Twist Pattern Making Worksheet (Download).  There is a whole series of photos in the worksheet that explain the sewing sequence.
The two samples below are both double jersey twists, which are the best method to use with the majority of two-way stretch knit that is good one side only. And although I most definitely prefer the single jersey twist, it’s often difficult to find two-way, stretch jersey that’s good both sides, much like a double knit.  So it’s more likely that many of your patterns will be double jersey twists.
In the following sample, I was lucky enough to find a light to medium weight, double knit, two-way stretch jersey that’s good both sides of the cloth.  And that allowed me to make a single jersey twist with a three-quarter sleeve.
My approach toward creative design is to take complex ideas and make patterns that are easy to sew.  All the hard work goes into the pattern making.  This reflects my industry background where the pattern makers job is to make sure all design ideas can go through the factory with ease and minimum production issues.
If you have any questions about this pattern or the sewing process, don’t hesitate to use the comments section below. 🙂  If you’d like to share your photos of this blouse you can join my Facebook group, or Instagram.  To be sure I see the posts please use my handle @studiofaro or the hashtag #JerseyTwistPatterns.

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