Body Twist Tee Sewing Pattern Release

Body Twist Tee Sewing Pattern Release

At long last I’ve finished the PDF Sewing Pattern for the Body Twist Pattern Puzzle.  It’s a very large one piece pattern for the body of the garment with a double layer sleeve and ribbed neck trim.  It’s a soft and generous twist without being too tight.  The construction is as simple as a tee-shirt without the need to finish any hems.  Body and sleeves are double layers turned back on themselves.  You’ll find the history of this pattern development in these blog posts.

If you’re thinking of making this sewing pattern you’ll need to source some stretch mesh fabric.  It’s my favourite for the body twist tee.  This design will also work well in light to very light stretch knit that has some elastane that’s necessary for the twist to be comfortable.  Stretch knit or mesh that is semi-opaque is particularly good as it emphasises the folded fabric layers in the twist.


I found quite a few examples of stretch mesh at The Remnant Warehouse here in Sydney, Australia.  Also some fabulous prints at Super Cheap Fabrics in Melbourne.  I try to always buy from local sources where I can to save on the shipping.  If you’re lucky enough to be in  a capital city then your chances of finding the right fabric are much higher.  The following chart will let you know how much you need.

And I finally found a source of stripe rib knit if you’re also after that sightly sporty look like my sample.  Wattle Hill Fabrics have a range of stripe ribbings.  All of the these links are are not paid sponsors, just my personal sources.


My favourite combination for this top is to pair it with my Japan Skirt.  In this example I’ve cut the Japan skirt in a double knit wool fabric of medium weight.

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If you’d like to see the blog posts leading up to this sewing pattern you’ll find them here on the blog.  Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help.

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