Drape and Gather Jersey Dress

Drape and Gather Jersey Dress

This is a typical Pattern Puzzle design that I have chosen specifically for the weird shape the front dress pattern piece can make.   As one pattern piece for the front, it’s a strange and very wasteful shape.  Indulgent and fun for a one-of, but not so acceptable for production.  It is more likely that it would be cut in three separate pieces with seams hidden under the large drape tucks in the bust and hip area.

The sketch above shows the position of all the large drape tucks and the two areas of gathering hidden behind the drape.  To a small degree, two of the drape tucks continue around the back for a little detailed interest.
The pattern plan has been worked out for my Womens Knit Block and will make a close fitted garment.   The close fit is also needed to keep the drape in place.  The blue arrows show you the direction of the large drape tucks.  The red lines are for the front  – solid lines for pattern shape and broken lines for the areas where extra fabric will be added.  The green lines show the small amount of alternation to happen to the back block.  The sleeve is very simple finishing just above the elbow with a slim fit to match the dress.
Below I have redrawn the complex front pattern piece with all the fold and gather lines, what I call the bones of the pattern.  Both areas of gather have a seam that is hidden behind one of the drape tucks.
 The back pattern pieces below are different for the right and left side, and therefore need to be cut R.S.U ( right side up) to get the detail matching on the right sides of the dress.
So another fun drape jersey style from Studio Faro if you are feeling adventurous with your patterns.  Has anyone made a jersey dress recently?  We would love to hear about your adventures in jersey and are happy to answer any of your queries.
Enjoy 🙂

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Anita McAdam
  • Steve W Ovenden
    Posted at 18:19h, 11 February Reply

    Looks amazing, technical, but instructions appear simple enough if you have had some pattern making history.

    • Studio Faro
      Posted at 12:28h, 12 February Reply

      Thanks for dropping by Steve. So true re pattern making experience. Many of these puzzles are at an intermediate level. Have you tried any?

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