Gather Top

Gather Top

This Pattern Puzzle design for the Gather Top features gathers all round the yoke shape, creating a slightly puffed, cap sleeve.  There is also gather in the ‘V’ neck feature and a loose cut caught by elastic in the hip area to create blouson near the hem.

Below is the pattern plan for the top, front and back, using my fitted dress block.  This block is available on the website – Womens Fitted Block Sizes 6-22.  The dashed lines indicate where the pattern will be opened to include extra fullness for gather and fullness.

The unusual yoke shape was achieved by first expanding the front and back yoke separately as below.  Then joining them together as one piece as you can see in the final pattern diagram.

Below are the final pattern pieces before they have seam allowances added, and cut as full pattern pieces.  Note that the bust darts have been moved into the neckline to create gather.  The shaded areas show the added fabric for the new style and the white areas are the original block.  I think of these markings as the ‘bones’ of the pattern, in that they reveal the workings that achieve the final shape.

Let me know if you are interested in more detail on this particular style.  Send me your challenging ideas and patterns.  Happy to share.

Enjoy 🙂

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