Hip Twist Top – Sewing Instructions

Hip Twist Top – Sewing Instructions

The Hip Twist Sewing Pattern has been a long time in coming, and I thank all of you for your patience.  The past few months have been less than usual and I’ve had my focus diverted on other projects closer to home.  Now it’s such a pleasure to get back to business and deal with all my wonderful patterns.  You’ll get the best results with this pattern by using two-way stretch knit (four-way stretch in the US) that has elastane content (Lycra, Spandex).  I have achieved the best results with rayon, polyester and wool knits with elastane.  Some cotton knits may work if they are not too stiff.
Hip Twist Top Sewing Pattern (PDF download)

The following diagram is one of the lay-plans for this pattern.  The most important aspect is that it depicts a single lay cut, with all pattern pieces being cut Right Side Up (R.S.U.).  If you have a look at the image above you’ll see that the twist ends up on the left side of the body.
 If however you prefer to have the twist on the right side of the body, simply turn the front pattern over before cutting a single lay.  The choice is yours, depending on if you prefer right or left side for the twist in this design.  Checkout the image below.
Knit fabric can be purchased in a variety of widths and I hope that I have covered all widths you come across below.  Every now and then I do come across some very wide knits, up to 180cm wide, but that is rare.
January, 2022:  I’ve moved these sewing instructions into a PDF download that is included in the purchase of the sewing pattern.  Also included in the download will be all the lay-plans, charts with pattern measurements and recommendations for fittings.
It is worth noting that the sample above was made at a longer length than the final pattern issued on the website.  It is 10-12cm (4-5″) longer than the pattern.  The correct finished length for the pattern is featured in the first images in this post.
You can get your copy of this PDF Sewing Pattern here.  🙂

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