Jersey Twist Dress

Jersey Twist Dress

There was great conversation around the #PatternPuzzle last Saturday on my Facebook page.  The final but essential clue of a CF twist was offered by Renee Bock to complete the puzzle.  This style is in many ways very similar to previous puzzles featuring twists.  A full list of similar styles, with links, is featured at the end of this post.
If you’d like to learn my method for creating Twist Drape Patterns I have a detailed worksheet for making Jersey Twist Patterns. For just a few dollars you’ll get the same training you’d get if you came to the workshop in my studio.
The pattern shape posted on Saturday (below) is half of the front dress pattern, upside-down.
Starting with the pattern plan, the focus of the twist is featured on the front dress, placed just below the waist.  Here I have used my close-fitting knit block for two-way stretch jersey.  Once you decide where the twist is to be located, mark the turnaround point, connected to the waist seam, to make sure you leave some space to twist the fabric before sewing.  Waist shaping has been added to the CB waist and the side seams have been tapered toward the hem.  Shorten the sleeve to a three-quarter length.
Opening up the front pattern to include the extra drape fabric is featured below.  Most important in making this pattern shape is to open up the space at the CF to allow for the separate lower front pieces to twist before sewing.  How much fabric you add will determine the amount of drape in the twist.
The full pattern shape for the front dress below shows the lower front portions of the dress that are twisted before sewing the waist and CF seams.
If you’d like to buy a copy of these pattern making notes for your own personal use at home you’ll find them here:  Jersey Twist Dress – Pattern Making Instructions.
Addendum:  Check out our Jersey Twist Dress Sampled! post.  🙂

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