Morticia Skirt Sewing Pattern

Morticia Skirt Sewing Pattern

It’s been a long time in the making, the Morticia Skirt pattern.  Finally it’s available as a PDF download in 9 sizes (Sizes 6-22) in the one document download.  It’s been designed for woven fabric with a minimum of 2cm (¾”) garment ease.  When you print the A0 pattern, you’ll find all sorts of information on the sheet to help you select the right size and lay-up and cut your skirt pattern.  There is also a set of sewing instructions included in the PDF download when you buy the pattern.
So I have a few of these eight panel skirts in my wardrobe, mostly summer skirts, but now I fancy cutting this pattern in a stretch fabric (ponti) and seeing if I can make it without a zip.  Of course I’ll have to use a small size pattern to account for the negative ease I need to make the stretch fabric work.  I’ll keep everyone posted on Facebook and Instagram about progress on a stretch version of the Morticia Skirt.  If you fancy making your own stretch Morticia Skirt you can also join my Facebook Group (STUDIO FARO MAKERS) to share photos and ask questions.
I’ve tested this pattern in Size 20 with the help of my favourite workroom dummy.  If you’d like to work out which size you’d use then skip over to my Size Chart and check it out.  I’ve already mentioned that the fit on the hip is close with a minimum of 2cm (3/4″) garment ease.  However the waist does have a little more ease.  You can check the skirt measurements before you cut, using a table included on the pattern sheet, that gives you all the pattern measurements.  The smart thing is to make sure you do a fitting, after you’ve sewn all seams but one, and just before you sew the zip into the skirt.  That way you’ll be able to take the waist in a little, on all of the nine seams, to suit your own measurements.
My Patent Blouse styled with the Morticia Skirt on my Size 20 workroom dummy.
Like all my sewing patterns, I’ve used industry seam allowances on this skirt pattern.  The vertical seams are 1cm (⅜”), the waistline and facing seam is 7mm (¼”) and the hem is 2cm (¾”).  If you prefer commercial pattern seam allowances, you can add a little extra when you trace your personal size.
If you have any questions about this pattern or the sewing process, don’t hesitate to use the comments section below. 🙂
If you’d like to share your photos of this skirt you can join my Facebook group, or Instagram.  To be sure I see the posts please use my handle @studiofaro or the hashtag #MorticiaSkirt.

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