Print and Plaid Trend – Design Development

Print and Plaid Trend – Design Development


This has to be one of the best things to do!  Endless ideas, not all of them good, but a good chance I’ll like at least one of them enough to make it.  The Print & Plaid Trend is one of my long time favourites.  I suppose that means it’s less a fashion trend and more a personal preference. You can learn Fashion Design Development and all the rest at the studio or in your classroom.

Either way, I’ve done a little design development of waistcoats for this specific trend (above).   There’s a short video of this design development on my Youtube channel or you can check out the Fashion Design Video playlist.
The next stage after design development is the selection of styles that might go through to the final range.  In this case, it’ll be the selection of my favourite so I can cut myself an interesting waistcoat for winter.  So which waistcoat design is your favourite?
Although there’s only a small number of designs here, I do have a clear favourite.
For the next stage of the process I’ll need a production sketch of the design I intend to sample.  For this I’ll start with an eight head height, static figure, to sketch the design onto.  From this sketch I’ll plan my fabric sourcing and my pattern and sample making.

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