Taking Body Measurements

Taking Body Measurements

In this first post I’d like to cover taking the body measurements you’ll need to select the right size block or pattern.  In most cases your measurements are not going to ever exactly match all size charts.  Size charts are designed for mass production and as such represent the median of the population only.
When we make our own clothing we are actually wanting a custom pattern for our specific measurements.  To do this you’ll start with the block or pattern most closely aligned with your measurements and make some alterations so that the first calico is at least close to your fit.
The Big Three:
The first stage of assessing your fit is to compare the Bust, Waist & Hip measurements to the size chart we’re working with.


A measurement taken around the widest part of the upper body with the tape measure parallel to the floor.  Hold the tape measure comfortably secure and not too tight.


This measurement is taken at the smallest part of the torso, between the bust and hip.  You’ll find your waist by running your hands down the side of your body, between the bust and hip until you reach your comfortable waist location.   Hold the tape measure comfortably secure and not too tight.


The hip is the largest part of the lower torso, in line with the peak of the backside.  This measurement is sometimes referred to as the low hip.  Place the tape measure around your seat, parallel to the floor and check in the mirror with a side-ways view to make sure the tape is sitting at the peak of your back side.   Hold the tape measure comfortably secure and not too tight.
Here we’ve covered the three basic measurements you need to select the right size block or pattern for your project.  If you find your body measurements are not closely aligned with our size chart, there’s a tutorial coming that will help you work between the sizes to get the best toile fit.  Stay connected to the members area to receive this new post. 🙂
Anita McAdam
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