Empire Cowl Knit II

Empire Cowl Knit II

Following on from the earlier post for the Pattern Puzzle – Empire cowl Knit I have the chance here to detail the manipulation of the pattern pieces to achieve the new design.   Below is the production sketch of the style.  I hope to eventually develop all these styles into pattern making worksheets for the website.

The pattern plan below is developed on a jersey kimono block that I have and the front and back plan are set out on top of each other.
The kimono block lends itself to this kind of planning because the hems, side seam, underarm and CF/CB are all in the same place with the only differences in the front and back in the neck and shoulder line.
To help a little here I have the front in red and the back in blue.

So now to reveal the ‘bones’ of the pattern.  The first pattern piece I focus on is the most complex and that is the front bodice/sleeve that has a cowl, gathers under the bust and substantial gathers on the sleeve.  The front also has a side body panel and an under-sleeve.



If you would like a more detailed description of how I would achieve this pattern please comment and let me know.  It is that kind of motivation that is needed to turn this into a full set of instructions.  I have laid out below all pattern pieces for this style to give you an idea of how the final pattern will look.

Have a great week and keep on cutting.  If you’d like to buy a copy of these pattern making notes for your own personal use at home you’ll find them here:  Empire Cowl Knit- Pattern Making Instructions.

Enjoy 🙂

Anita McAdam
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