The Jersey Twist Dress #PatternPuzzle has been tested.  This blog post includes some detailed photos of the sample making process.  In particular the front twist detail that is the major focus of this design.

If you’d like to learn my method for creating Twist Drape Patterns, I have a detailed worksheet for making Jersey Twist Patterns on the website. For just a few dollars you’ll get the same training you’d get if you came to the workshop in my studio.  I think my job is to understand new fashion trends and offer the technical detail for fans to learn to cut their own patterns.
To follow are some photographs of the sample making process.  Below is the laying up of the pattern, front and back, on the sample cloth.
The three main pieces for the dress are the front, back, and sleeve.  But don’t forget the neck bind, that should be cut to suit the finish you’re after.  That is, inside or outside bind.
Once you’ve cut all your pattern pieces, open up the front of the dress, right side up.  The openings on the left and right are the waist seams.  They will sew together after the front is twisted.
Twist the bottom right piece under the bottom left piece and over.  Sew the waist seams as far as you can into the twist.
With the waist seam complete, now join the CF seam below the waist, sewing as far into the twist as you can.
If you have a CB seam, sew this together, then sew the shoulder seams, followed by the side seams.
The body of the dress is now ready to add the sleeves and the neck bind.  finally the hems on the sleeves and body of the dress.
The Jersey twist dress complete!
Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.  If you’d like to buy a copy of these pattern making notes for your own personal use at home you’ll find them here:  Jersey Twist Dress – Pattern Making Instructions.
Enjoy 🙂

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