The Morticia Skirt

The Morticia Skirt

Saturday’s #PatternPuzzle had a large number of pattern pieces, all used to make five different skirt patterns, that all make the same style of skirt – The Morticia Skirt.  Many of the drafting methods used in these patterns are self-drafted with full instructions (no block required).  If you don’t fancy drafting this skirt pattern I’ve just added the eight-panelMorticia Skirt Pattern to the website. 🙂

Does anyone out there remember Morticia Addams?  And do you remember the slinky black dresses she wore?  Well they are most definitely the shape of the moment when you look at the red carpet and many fashion ranges.
The five designs selected for our #PatternPuzzle are easily drafted and sewn together and would make a fab first project for new pattern makers and students of fashion.

Using three patternmaking methods:

One of my favourite ways of producing my very own Morticia Addams style skirt is a self-draft method for panel skirts. Self-Drafted Panel Skirts are very simple to draft and provide a flexible solution to producing your own skirt patterns.  Three of the skirts featured above are achieved by this method (green, blue, pink).  The limitation in the method is the skirt must have no less than 8 panels in total.  Any less and the style will not fit well.For two of the skirt styles (pink, purple) you will need a Self-Drafted Half Circle Skirt pattern.  Note the lift (12cm) in the CF hem for the Hi-Lo half circle in the pink skirt.

And finally, two of the skirt styles (pink, beige) use my Basic Skirt Block. The side seams are tapered from the hip to 10cm above the knee.  Remove the front dart and transfer the shape to the side seam.  The circumference at the seam is equal to the half-circle skirt above.

The pattern plan below is for the four gored bias-cut Morticia Skirt.  Taper the side seams and CB seam to 10cm above the knee.  Then flare out to the full-length hem.  The total flare on each gore is 50 cm, making the hem 200cm in total.  Use a fine, closely woven fabric to remain stable on the bias grain.

The patternmaking methods featured above are used time and time again in skirt styles.  They are a great place to start for beginner pattern makers.  Leave a comment below if you have any questions about this post.Enjoy 🙂

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