Two Layer Jersey Dress

Two Layer Jersey Dress

Be Inspired!

Identify the elements in a design that you particularly like.  Using your drawing skills to re-work these elements in a design more suited to your needs or your market.  This is the beginning of design development in any new season, when you look to the top end of the market for inspiration.

When re-working this design I have decided to use knit fabric rather than a woven.  For sampling, I will probably use a two-way stretch knit to achieve the fit in the underdress.  And a medium weight viscose or modal knit for the overdress to achieve the desired drape.
Set out below is the Pattern Plan using my knit block with the design and construction lines for both layers of this design.  There is a tube dress underneath and a much fuller over-dress with an exaggerated Hi-Lo hemline.  Extra lift in the Centre Front (CF) line has created a waterfall style drape.
For the first stage of the pattern development, trace the front and back over-dress, removing the gape darts for the neckline and including the Hi-Lo hem guidelines.  Divide the skirt part of the over-dress (from the underbust area) into four vertical sections to expand and create the fullness in the hem.
In the second stage of this pattern development, cut the pattern open along the vertical lines to create flare in the hemline.  Add a consistent amount to each opening to maintain balance in the garment.  Lift the CF line up to introduce extra fabric for the waterfall drape.  Shorten the CF hemline to increase the waterfall effect in this area.
When tracing the final patterns, consider the placement of grain to get the best behaviour out of your particular knit fabric.  In this case, I have centred the grain in both the front and back pattern pieces for the over-dress to maximise elegant drape through the side seams.
At this early stage, I am thinking of joining the two dresses together at the top end of the side seam only, where they fully connect to each other on the pattern plan.  I will also include some elastic in the top edge of the under-dress to hold it in place.  Please note the markings on the pattern plan (for the under-dress) for the addition of some elastic over the bust and in the centre back (CB) area.


I am hoping you all find these new ideas and pattern explorations as exciting as I do.  The idea behind this blog is to share the parts of my work that truly excite me.  The challenging patterns, the exciting new design trends, and the impossible drapes.  That is what I live for.  And if I can excite you in the same way about making your own patterns, then my job is done.  If you’d like to buy a copy of these pattern making notes for your own personal use at home you’ll find them here:  Two Layer Jersey Dress – Pattern Making Instructions.  Enjoy 🙂
Two Layer Jersey Dress - Pattern Puzzle
Anita McAdam
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