The Wrap Drape Dress – Sampled

The Wrap Drape Dress – Sampled

The #PatternPuzzle sample this week is The Wrap Drape Dress from 2014.  You can pop back to the original post for a refresh of all the pattern making instructions.  I’ve used my Knit Block to make this elegant stretch pattern.

There is a slightly interesting way to secure the wrap in place by joining the left side under wrap into the right side seam.  For the #PatternPuzzle I have included a raglan sleeve and boat neck as personal preferences.  They are not essential and a regular set-in sleeve (as above samples) also works well.  The colour coding in the diagram below shows in detail how the left and right sides of the front dress work together.

I have also included the diagram of the final pattern shapes below as a reminder of the breakdown of the garment.  You will also need some self-binding to finish the neckline.

First the Cutting:

The Right Front Pattern Piece is cut first.  You can see the pattern shape is slightly different to mine but still they can make it work.  These pattern pieces for the front dress will need to be marked R.S.U. ( cut fabric Right Side Up) with the cutting instructions to make sure they end up on the correct side of the body.  The back dress and sleeve is symmetrical and will be cut as a pair.

Now we have the Left Front Pattern piece being cut.  Please note the Centre Front seam in the bodice, turning at a right angle at the waistline.  This feature is important to secure the front of this wrap dress.

Join the Right and Left Front Dress pieces on the Centre Front bodice seam.

Then attach the waistline of the left front, inside, to the right side seam.  Then assemble the drape for the Right Front piece and attach to the left side seam.

In this case the drape is manually pinned into the left side seam and adjusted to fit.  This gives the maker an opportunity to apply the correct amount of tension to the tucks and drape.

And here are some photos of the dress from Janine’s collection.

If you have any questions about this pattern or the sewing process, don’t hesitate to use the comments section below. 🙂  If you’d like to share your photos of this blouse you can join my Facebook group, or Instagram.  To be sure I see the posts please use my handle @studiofaro or the hashtag #WrapDrapeDress.

Anita McAdam
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