Vintage Patterns with My Fitted Dress Block

Vintage Patterns with My Fitted Dress Block

This is a short but dedicated post for all those lovers of Vintage Style.  The focus is on using my fitted dress block to design and cut your own vintage dress sewing patterns.  To work your way through the fitting process you can go to SHOP on the menu bar and checkout My Blocks PDF (downloads).  The Fitted Dress block has to be one of my favourites and the best place to start for fabulous dress designs.

The original design for this pattern puzzle was developed as an homage to Ceil Chapman (1950’s designer).  I found the original idea on Pinterest thanks toMill Street VintageIt included tucked drape and a double layer in the skirt.
Retrieved from the archives of the Met Museum, this blouse gives the impression of casual attire with a tailored finish.  It’s the perfect length for a top to add over skirts.
There’s no confusion about the focus of the vintage redesign!  A thoroughly fitted dress with gathered drape focused around the derriere.
This pattern puzzle was developed from a couple of very similar vintage magazine sketches.  For me the best part is the delightful mis-direction of the neckline and panel treatment that is exploited by the use of two fabrics.
In this vintage re-working I’ve simplified the sewing process by turning the potentially awkward corner seams into a set easy-to-sew panel seams.  And by using fabric blocking I’ve been able to emphasis the original design idea.

You can checkout an earlier post Vintage Inspired Round-Up that features many other vintage posts that use a variety of garment blocks and direct draft as a start point. 🙂

Anita McAdam
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