My Fitted Dress Block for Pattern Puzzles

My Fitted Dress Block for Pattern Puzzles

This has to be my favourite block!  It’s the start place for so many of the garments you’ll find in your wardrobe.  It’s the base for woven garments that cover the torso – dresses, corsets, shirts & jackets.
If you fancy fitting your own personal dress block there are a load of fitting posts on my blog, as follows:
Once you’ve taken all your own basic body measurements, you’ll then need to decide which size block will be best for you to use to start fitting the dress block.  I always like to select a block that’s closest to my own measurements keeping in mind that I always need a full bust adjustment.  That means it’s ok if the block measurements are a little short in the bust because I’ll be adding extra with my FBA.  If you have a larger than average hip measurement then you amy want to select a block that’s smaller in the hip because you will have the opportunity to add to the hip area for your first fitting.  There will always be more content in the members area for fitting your garment blocks.
As soon as you have a fitted dress block that has gone through a reasonable fitting process you can select any on the following posts for your first drape dress pattern.  All of the images and linked blog posts set out below are for drape dresses (11) that use the fitted dress block.  You’ll find all the Pattern Puzzle Posts in the ‘well-suited’ blog and each image below is linked to that specific post.
This fabulous dress has been sampled by me and you’ll find the sample making and pattern alteration post in the Members Area.
You can check out my first samples for these dresses and decide which one would be your favourite.  And let me know if you think I should continue with the perfecting of the sample.
Now this is one of the few Pattern Puzzles that has two sample posts and may even make it’s way onto the website as a PDF pattern.  Sampling the Flare and Gather Dress and Pattern Alterations – Flare and Gather Dress Pattern are available on the blog.
Click on the image and you’ll find all the pattern making instructions.  If you’d like to see the first sample posts you’ll find them on the blog.

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